Why does Bryce crash on my Mac when I select 'output module' to render an animation?

Bryce 7 on the Mac relies on files in the Plugins folder (Bryce7:Plugins or Bryce7\Plugins).  If these files are missing or incorrect, then Bryce is not able to perform the following functions:

  • unable to import or export file ("File not found")
  • unable to render to disk
  • unable to render animation (Bryce crashes when 'Output Module' is selected)

The solution for this is to have the correct files in the Plugins folder.  The user should make sure that Bryce has been installed which at the time of this article is the latest public build of Bryce 6.  Make sure that all files have been installed.  If this still does not resolve the issue, the user should contact report as a bug in the Mantis Bug Tracker.

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