What is Daz 3D refund policy?

Coupons: Coupons are non-refundable. To receive further assistance on applying the coupon, refer to the article, “How to apply a coupon successfully.”

Platinum Club Memberships & Coupons

Memberships: There are no refunds for Platinum Club Memberships. You may cancel your membership at any time, and you will receive your PC+ benefits until your expiration date. Refer to the article, How do I cancel my Platinum Club+ Membership?

Platinum Club Coupons: Platinum Club Coupons are non-refundable. For further assistance on how to apply the coupon, refer to the article, “How to add your Platinum Club+ Coupon

Returned assets refund policy:

The refund policy is a 30-day money back guarantee on everything in the store except the following:

  • Platinum Club+ Memberships 
  • Gift Cards 
  • Interactive Licenses
  • Season Passes

To receive a refund, follow the steps provided below: 

Step 1: To locate the order number within your “My Account,” select the icon for “Orders.” From there, copy the purchase order number to be later pasted into the Sale Support Ticket. 


Step 2: Submit a Sales Support Ticket and include the following: purchase order number, the name of the product(s) that you wish to have refunded and whether you would prefer store credit or a refund on PayPal/credit card. 

** Additional details
You can take advantage of testing the product(s) within the allotted 30-days. If you wish to return the item, please follow the steps listed above. 

To prevent abuse of the refund policy, if the number of returns from a customer is excessive or repetitive, Daz 3D reserves the right to discontinue refunds for that customer. In this event, Daz 3D will honor the current return request; however, the customer will be notified that future returns will no longer be accepted.


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